Axialis Icon Generator v1.6 Cracked

Written by Xainab

IconGenerator – a tool for creating vector icons. Create vector and bitmap icons in seconds from a large database of professional icon sets.

If you are a professional developer, designer or illustrator, then you should be interested in the free Axialis IconGenerator program. This software is an icon generator in the form of vector and bitmap images. It should be understood that this is a generator, that is, icons are selected from the database, and not created from scratch. In this case, all the icons, that is, icons that are small pictures that serve, for example, to indicate any applications, windows, sections and files, were created by professional designers in different styles and specifications.

IconGeneratorDesigned for professional developers and designers who will use it to buy and customize Axialis commercial icon sets, but even this set allows you to select and customize Google Material Design icons, and then export the results in a variety of sizes and formats. Axialis Icon Generator v1.6 Cracked License

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