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Top 7 Digital Business Strategies in 2019

Top 7 Digital Business Strategies in

Digital Business Strategies, a big part of your marketing strategy, is digital.

Consumer and business are always online. You want to reach them and observe behaviour where they spent time.

There is a list of seven Digital Business Strategies that makers can help their teams and business grown.

What is Digital Business Strategies?

Digital Business Strategies is a series of activities that you achieve your company goals and online marketing.

Channels include paid, earned and media that can support a common campaign line of business.

Strategies are just a plan of action to achieve the desired goals or multiple goals.

For example, goals, Generate 25% leads from your website this year than you crowded last year.

Digital Business Strategies are as follow:

  • GoPro
  • Delta Airlines
  • Geico
  • Wayfair
  • MasterCard
  • ETF Security
  • Red Bull


Video content that you see on youtube channel was not made by GoPro, but rather by its most loyal user.

GoPro is an incredible point of style action footage, from the company classic fisheye lens in Digital Business Strategies.

Digital Business Strategies by populating with youtube channels, GoPro has encouraged an entire outdoor people.

This Digital Business strategy has championed to use of video to spread about the GoPro product online.

GoPro republished, awarding the video’s original with being of the best video in its categories.

Delta Air Lines:

Delta Airlines as a leader in creativity Digital Business Strategies, this is a prolific use in social media for a twitter handle.

Uses this account to engage the potential passenger in a variety of ways that are timely an emotionally.

The company began sharing a personal story from Delta employees through the company’s twitter feed.


Geico is Digital Business Strategies have launched a series of pre-roll ads on youtube; that admit to the ads in video themselves.

Pre Roll ads are a form of paid content on youtube. You pay youtube to roll 15-20 second ads of videos.

Companies try to squeeze as much messaging, Geico takes the opportunity to make fun of itself for taking time.

Geico is the abbreviation of Government Employees Insurance Company, this company in America.


Using Instagram tags; Wayfair has taken off its pretties shorts on Instagram and cards with products and price in Digital Business Strategies.

Instagram gives an opportunity to show theirs follows a more intimate side of any brand.

These Strategies that show people exactly how much each item in photo cost, Wayfair generate from the Instagram account.


MasterCard based its brand or story on its Digital Business Strategies, MasterCard travels blogs give the reader a travel resource.

The Mastercard based on stories and adventure that cardholders go on, this is the first network to make cardholder signature.

ETF Security:

ETF Security is a small management service based on Australia catering manager and investor in Europe.

The services they provide is complex. The company found customer hung out the most LinkedIn on this platform.

ETF securities saw 95% year over year growth in its LinkedIn.

Red Bull:

Red Bull has become for its sponsorship of extreme support the energy drink it sells.

Instead of these Strategies connect on the energy drink, Red Bull capture its audience with article and video.

Digital Business Strategies campaign, Red Bull always the ideal content strategy, rather the lifestyle customer live.

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