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Linux Cloud Server is Important For Security in 2019

Linux Cloud Server For

The best Linux Cloud Server gave 300GB storage with native apps for the desktop, desktop platform including Linux, mobile iOS and Android.

  • Lots of free strong, all individuals pay a hefty amount in all months.
  • Native Linux client that can synchronize file with easy and the server without doing special running at regular intervals.
  • Client for different desktop OSes, window and OS X that is the necessity and syncing file between the device a pleasant relief.
  • Android and iOS in modern word that you can need to connect with all devices system.

The best Linux Cloud Server that is the most above these mention different criteria are as follow:

  • Dropbox
  • pCloud
  • Google Drive
  • Mega


There are no denying that Dropbox rules in the cloud storage system, the first new cloud storage provide different services.

Service dropbox has innovating and introducing the new features that are the best cloud system are there.

The different web interface and excellent desktop clients make the best choice for Linux Cloud Server.


  • 2GB storage
  • Best desktop client for Linux Cloud Server
  • Sharing link
  • Collaboration
  • Files can be check in the web interface
  • Selective sync to save on desktop
  • Version control


  • Only 2GB of free storage
  • Dropbox support Ext4 filesystem on Linux Cloud Server


pCloud is a European from Switzerland, Switzerland was famous for banking law to hide the money securely from the eye.

Switzerland is famous for its strict privacy policies the data of the individuals from the snooping agencies.

Privacy can focus, or services that are ProtonMail are based on Switzerland, that focus on encryption and security system.

A pCloud can offer a 10GB storage for all sign-up, you can increase it up to 20GB inviting a friend, social media and sharing links.

The different standard features of cloud services that are sharing and synchronisation, selective syncing.

The top Cloud providers are file versioning, data recovery system in 30 days. You can also use the pCloud external hard drive.

This pCloud has native client across the platform that including Linux Cloud Server, Linux client is easy to use.

The Linux client is easy to use and worked in my limited testing on Linux mint 17.3.


  • 10GB free storage, extendable to 20 GB
  • Good working Linux Cloud Server with GUI
  • Allow collaboration
  • Unlimited file size uploaded
  • Built audio and video player
  • Mobile apps allow the camera
  • Backup from Dropbox
  • Best Google Drive
  • Different server file


  • Client-side encryption has a premium feature

Google Drive:

Proper cloud storage has a google drive. It has 15GB free storage that is shared with your Gmail.

Google drive is strictly integration and googles doc is the online product that can use in the web browser.

A Google drive cannot have official Linux Cloud Server. There are different ways to use google drive in Linux.

Google drive has the best list of Linux Cloud Server software.


  • 15GB free storage
  • Sharing link
  • Collaboration
  • Integration with online office


  • Official desktop client for Linux


This cloud service was started with Kim Dotcom, and there is no longer associated that would expect in free cloud service.

Mega provides 50 GB storage to individual users that provide native clients for Linux platform and also has the encryption.

Linux Cloud Server work and sync across the device that you can view and across the file in a web browser.


  • 50 GB free storage
  • End encryption
  • Native clients for Linux platform

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