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Top 5 Linux Version in 2019

Top 5 Linux Version in

Linux version is an  OS. The mean of OS is an operating system based on UNIX. The writer was ‘’Linus Towards’’ in 1991. When the user uses Linux, the user can modify by source code, for computer and other devices. Linux is also used in Computer desktop, smartphones and gaming console etc. Now, many Linux versions are available in the market. Some old version is still useful in the present time but some of the advance and latest version that is most useful for users.

Table Of Content:

  • Linux Mint
  • Ubuntu MATE
  • Kali Linux
  • SteamOS
  • Ubermix

Linux Mint:

The Linux Mint is the fastest version and growing Linux distro around.  A version of Linux Mint has a perfect for window operating system. Linux Mint is available in many version. Linux Mint 19.1 Tessa is the latest version that is introduced with some of the new features. Mostly user selecting Linux distro with smooth learning of primary importance.

The Linux is rising with each passing year, and more people are learning, and Linux mint has perfect replacement. Linux mint has established with its best desktop experience, and Linux provides the new user ability to give the box experience for the user. It does not have a more massive footprint, which is added to another point.

Linux’s user can download latest, or any version from Linuxmint officially site according to user requirements.

Ubuntu MATE:

Ubuntu MATE is the version of Linux version mostly people believe in the security of internet importance. There have many reliable and secure Linux version from a Linux distribution. In the Linux version, the most primary factor is footprint and lightness.

The most significant release of Ubuntu MATE have brought tons of new features, and you can choose a different option for example Netbook, Traditional etc.

The Ubuntu Mate is just 512MB, and it has minimum hardware requirement. Ubuntu MATE manages the perfect balance between footprint and performance.

Kali Linux:

Kali Linux has hundreds of useful tools and different categories for examples, Web application, Stress testing, wireless attack, etc. The first Kali Linux version released in 13, March 2013. Some platforms are under in use of such as x86,x86-64, armel and armhf.

Kali Linux is a full-Features desktop that can also be installed on Android, Chromebook, BeagleBone, etc. These are available for Android phones with Kali NetHunter.

It comes to the best Linux for the moral hacking purpose, and they are not matched with the Kali Linux. There is a different popular option is Parrot OS, BlackArch Linux etc. The latest Kali Linux version released in 2018.4 / 29, October 2018.


The SteamOS comes with additional Linux Kernel that gets better gaming performance to other distros. This SteamOS provide extensive support for GPUs and other hardware. Its created by VALVES, the company online game distribution platform steam.

This specially designed in 2018 for playing games available on the steam store. Steam OS also has top gaming solution to steam box. Steam OS loaded with GNOME desktop, it also has popularity as a top gaming solution.


Ubermix that are Linux version and open sources technology and due to increasing demand on the industry. There is some Linux distro are creating for kids. ubermix is a kid distro Linux and especially build with an operating system with touch support.

It also becomes a tool for both student and teachers. Its processing 5-minute installation, 60 useful free application and 20-second recovery process. Ubermix is related to Linux version.

This is a powerful distro for students and teachers.

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