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Programming Languages in 2019 About Top Five

Programming Languages in

Programming Languages are the most popular and famous in the world of IT. In the trending technology world, the trend of programming languages is increasing day by day in every industry and everywhere.

Most of the people are interested in programming languages. They want to learn and make something new in computer life. Everyone feels some difficulties and face some problems in the beginning when they learn to start any programming language.

There are hundreds of fields available in the programming languages for you. Yes, you can choose and take any programming language according to your interest. And after learning, you can become a good, expert and professional programmer.

Here, we are presenting Top five programming languages in the list some important and trending programming languages especially for you.


JavaScript introduced in 1995. In computer programming languages, JavaScript is one of the top languages in all the programming languages. We can say that the software developer can’t develop anything without using JavaScript.

JavaScript plays an essential role in front-end development, and many platforms believe in JavaScript. Because It is easy to use and provide an easy way of creating an interaction between web pages.

95% Expert or programmer are using JavaScript on behind his web to build interactive plugins and websites.

Here, I am telling you the essential point is that many people think, Java and JavaScript are the same languages. But, it’s wrong because both languages are different in concept and design. So keep in your mind.


Java is a core part of Sun Microsystems and released in 1995. In the programming languages, java gets the top approach in all language.

I also like Java language because in Java, “write once, run anywhere”. Java language is in use for client-server web applications.

Java language is specially used to build Android apps. Today, the trend of the web application is growing up in all organisations, industries, education and IT departments.

In this case, the Java language is a useful language creating android apps.


This is the most famous language in all programming languages and came in 1983. C++ is an OOP. Here, OOP means Object Oriented Programming Language. The use of this language is in many Operating System, Browsers and games because it is the core of all language. Everyone who is interested in programming and wants to build anything. So, we must learn this language because it is a necessary and most important step in programming.


Everyone knows about PHP due to its popularity and high functionality. It started in 1995 and backend programming language. PHP means Hypertext Preprocessor. This language is beneficial to build dynamic web pages with HTML, CSS, FORMS, and DATABASE connectivity. After creating some pages, we can convert into a website form. 80% of websites all over the world are running in PHP. Many Large organisations such as Facebook, WordPress, Yahoo, LinkedIn and other companies use this language.

SQL in Programming Languages:

This is also the most useful language in all programming languages. SQL means Structured Query Language in programming life. It has been used in every organization and companies. This language is related to the database management system. The purpose of SQL is store data, manipulate data, and retrieved data.

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