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Samsung Galaxy S10; Let’s Know About It in 2019

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Samsung Galaxy S10 that is top of line galaxy S10 and S10+ upgrade their predecessor with display or fingerprint sensor.

The Samsung Galaxy S10 has the triple camera and wireless charging, galaxy S10e on hand the Samsung has added or affordable model.

This galaxy S10 5G during 20 February unpacked, but this is not available in, and galaxy S10 has multitude sizes.

Samsung Galaxy Deals:

The S10 has a 6.1-inch display, and it introduced an edge to edge that is stretched to bottom with curve edge sides.

Samsung Galaxy S10 make punch hole display the idea debuted the Honor View20, and fingerprint sensor has different mainstream.

We are achieving the impressive 93.1% screen ratio of the phone and it a traditional notch with Samsung Galaxy S10.

Maximization the idea of galaxy S10 facing triple lens camera, Samsung camera has standard telephoto and ultra full photos.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Release Date and Price:

Samsung Galaxy S10 that is released on eight march, and announced on 20 February with pre-orders opening.

A Samsung masterplan upgrades to a particular handset, and it is expensive than Galaxy S9.

The iPhone XS is very expensive, and it has a 5.8-inch screen, the fact that Samsung has the biggest competition in 2019.
Galaxy S10 is very good, and the Galaxy S10 plus phone can handle its price and screen size.

A galaxy S10 5G the Samsung galaxy fold, and adopters for innovation at high prices.

This Galaxy S10 price starts with 899$ it has 128 GB storage and spending additional 180$.

Cheaper galaxy S10 start with 749$ the price hike, the 6.1-inch screen and 128GB storage.

Apple charges 100$ for the small 5.8-inch screen size, and iPhone Xs has with internal storage of 64GB.


Samsung screen is perfect, Samsung manager Paul Guzek told TechRadar too apparent dig Apple.

The Samsung Galaxy s10 has a 6.1 inch AMOLED display panel, and Samsung sells its rivals.

S10 has curved edges pixel the sides, best brightness for outdoor, and HDR10+ for contrast and colours.

QHD+ resolution that creates a pixel density of 550 PPI, and ensuring high detailed and the phone looks very good with full HD.

There is a difference in phone sizes, using for VR two inches from face, and it also saves battery timing with the fewer pixel.

New infinity display a Samsung has avoided a notch cut-out its flagship phones, using a laser-cut.

Punch hole camera that receives the judgment of Samsung Galaxy S10, the phone through day to day use.

Big screen 6.1 inches the S10 dimensions are 149.9, and its weight is 157G, and S9 has a 5.8-inch display with thinner and bit lighter.
Increase in height and width of the S10 screen ratio is 93.1%, and last year its rate is 83.6%.


Samsung Galaxy S10 design, there are different notable enhancements, old classic and hidden surprises.
The aluminium frame between glass with a choice of colour, prism black, flamingo pink, prism blue, canary yellow, and prism green.
This Samsung Galaxy S10 colour will region with yellow and green, the small camera bumps on the back.
The triple lens of the camera has no design of Samsung invisible wireless charging module, and look camera bumps and fingerprint sensors.
Galaxy case the lower third of S10 and the earbuds charging instantly, charging your galaxy buds.
Samsung noted the power to share the phone below 30%, Android phones used a facing sensor, facing physical sensor to the Galaxy.
The fingerprint sensor is different from the optical sensor Oneplus 6T and Huawei Mate 20 Pro.

Battery life and spec:

Samsung Galaxy S10 upgrades the new top of line snapdragon, that depends on the country where you live.
Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 chipset came back with record-breaking for Android, the iPhone XS is very fast.
Samsung closed at 11,002, it comes with 128GB on internal storage, and there is no 64 GB version.
This Samsung Galaxy S10 contain 3,400mAh battery, the 3,000mAh of S9, the big screen Samsung is claiming battery life.
Wi-Fi 6 that support transition between Wifi and four times faster 802.11ax, and it delivers a 20% boost.

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