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Samsung Galaxy Watches With Latest Information in 2019

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Samsung Galaxy watches is a smartwatch, Samsung Watch is available in the U.S on 24, August 2018.

This smartwatch has different designs and gorgeous watches, Samsung electronics are the developer of these watches.

The Samsung Galaxy watches is the smartwatch. It has many designs, colours, meaningful, and four-day battery life.

Galaxy watches are looking great wristwatch, with stainless steel and decorative bezel and beautiful style.

Samsung Galaxy Watches At Amazon:

This watch is the satisfying way to a smartwatch, Samsung Galaxy Watches has the best two reasons are,

  • Tizen software
  • Not wear OS

The Tizen operating system is battery life that found the biggest 46mm Galaxy watch a solid four days.

Checked messages, notifications, tracked workout, played Spotify, fetched, and talked to Bixby, the smaller 42mm galaxy watch.

There is a difference between galaxy watch and Gear S3, the extra day of battery timing, additional sensor and Samsung health App.

This watch is waterproof down to 50 meters. The Gear S3 rating is very high and adult design.

Galaxy watch store critical third-party apps include, Google Maps, Facebook, Messenger, and Whatsapp.

Voice assistant that understanding Samsung and us does not use magnetic transmission the fact the Gear S3.

This Samsung Galaxy watches is the Samsung Gear S4 that adds software, new sensor, and extra waterproofing.

Samsung Galaxy watches Date And Price:

  • In the US, UK and Australia
  • 42mm Rose gold or midnight black watch and Price: 329$
  • 46mm silver watch and Price: 349$
  • LTE version, exclusive EE in the UK with different options

The galaxy watch launched on 24-8-2018, and on this date galaxy note nine released, in Uk, it started six September.

Smartwatch Samsung Galaxy watches Features:

The galaxy watch has android and IOS, now explain different features are as follow:

  • Notification from your phone
  • Third party Apps
  • Mobile payments using Apple or Samsung pay, the Galaxy watch has NFC
  • Track activities and automatically
  • Route with GPS
  • Receive calls, send messages and notification

The cheapest Galaxy watch is 280$ in US 549$ and different are 70$ for LTE, Apple watch is 399$ and pay 100$ for LTE.

Samsung is compatible with Android and IOS. There are different limitations that you can connect to the iPhone.

The galaxy watch that you can keep the display all times and watches limit their voice assistant that compare to the phone version.

Link: https://www.cnet.com

Samsung Galaxy watches has stellar battery:

Galaxy watches simultaneously, same notification, and using the track and indoor workout without LTE.

This normal stage, the apple watch died after a day, it is possible to two full days of the smaller 40mm.

42mm Samsung Galaxy Watches lasted the day. Its battery timing is perfect that use three full days.

Samsung claims the 46 galaxy watch that is used for four days of battery life, that tested for the smaller version.

During the free run, watch drained the same rate, going from 100 to 90 and its per cent after 35 minutes.

Charging watch is the simple come with their charging pads, galaxy watch sits in a cradle, and this watch reaches a full charge.

Specification of Samsung Galaxy Watches:


  • Silver
  • Midnight Black
  • Rose Gold


  • Galaxy watch (46mm)
  • 63 g without the strap
  • Galaxy Watch
  • 49 g without the strap


  • 1.3, (33mm), full colour on the display
  • 1.2, (30mm), full colour on the display


  • 20 mm (interchangeable)
  • 22 mm (interchangeable)


  • 470 mAh
  • 472 mAh
    Ap: Exynos 9110 Dual core 1.12GHz
    OS: Tizen Based Wearable Os 4.0


  • LTE: 1.5GB RAM + 4GB internal Memory
  • Bluetooth: 7688 RAM + 4GB internal Memory
    Link: https://www.samsung.com/global/galaxy/galaxy-watch/specs/

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